PhaseLite™'s mechanism of action is non-systemic

PhaseLite™ effectively promotes weight loss by:

1. Reducing dietary carbohydrate digestion and absorption

Following ingestion, PhaseLite™ inhibits the catalytic action of alpha amylase, the enzyme that hydrolyses the alpha-1, 4-glucosidic linkages of complex carbohydrate molecules in the carbohydrate digestion process. This blocks the conversion of the long chain polysaccharide starch molecules into simpler monosaccharides, such as glucose. When this happens, fewer carbohydrates are digested and broken down into glucose for absorption. The undigested carbohydrates are excreted in the stool.

2. Flattening plasma glucose levels

PhaseLite™ reduces the starch-derived bio-accessible monosaccharides. This causes a flattened blood glucose response after a meal containing carbohydrates, thus preventing a subsequent surge in plasma insulin levels. This helps to manage food cravings.

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