PhaseLite™ is a patented glycoprotein complex

PhaseLite™ IQP PV 101 is a highly concentrated proprietary and patented glycoprotein complex derived from Phaseolus vulgaris, which has continual emergence of data supporting its alpha amylase inhibition activity. In fact, PhaseLite™ has been clinically proven to reduce the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, resulting in significantly more weight loss than dieting and exercise alone.

PhaseLite™ is derived from a single, verified, non-GMO vegetable source and is processed under the strictest quality control conforming to current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

PhaseLite™ is the result of an innovative process based on proprietary technology and extensive R&D. PhaseLite™ ’s proprietary extraction process ensures retention of the optimal alpha amylase inhibiting capability even under challenging gastrointestinal conditions. Every batch is externally tested for its in vitro enzyme inhibitory activity and certified to conform to stringent parameters. This ensures total traceability and a standardised quality of PhaseLite™ guaranteeing consumer safety while preserving the optimum carb blocking capacity in every product produced with PhaseLite™.

PhaseLite™ is a white to cream odourless powder with the ability to block carbohydrate digestion without any pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action or effects on the human body. PhaseLite™ is gluten-free.

PhaseLite™ is a registered trademark of the InQpharm group of companies and is exclusively manufactured and distributed worldwide by InQpharm.


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